Keys to Success

Babco Foods was launched in New Jersey, USA, in 2002 by Bob and Olivia Vaz. Initially, we imported and distributed Anand brand snack products known for their superior quality, and manufactured in the Kerala and Karnataka states of India. The product line was well received and, combined with our responsive customer service and fast turnaround logistics capabilities, coverage within the northeast region of the United States quickly grew.

​Simultaneously, our in-house distribution expanded to cover 46 states of the 50 US states with 4 Babco Foods distribution centers located strategically across the US.

We currently represent several companies as exclusive distributors of their products within the US market. We are frequently sought after by internationally recognized companies to distribute their products.

Company Timeline


Babco Foods founded in Somerville, NJ


Anand brand launched


Distribution coverage of complete Northeast US achieved


Distribution coverage of US Midwest commences


Babco Foods US West Coast Distribution center commences operations in the San Francisco, CA, Bay Area


Babco Foods Southern US Distribution Center in Dallas, TX, commences operations


Dedicated Field Sales Executives in Houston, TX, Northern Virginia, and Los Angeles, CA


In-person sales coverage of Chicago, IL, and Detroit, MI, markets


Data Analytics with in-house IT infrastructure begins


Babco Foods US Midwest Distribution Center in the Chicago, IL, metro area commences operations


Babco Foods India Team launched